"if you must goof off at work, then at the very least manage your notification settings so that your alerts are muted, and aren't broadcast on the big screen when you screen share in the boardroom," warns the New York Times -- offering several examples of what can go wrong. An anonymous reader quotes their follow-up report: Whether it's happened to you or in front of you, many of us are familiar with the screen-share disaster: the accidental exposure of something private while projecting your screen before a group of colleagues. The only surefire way to avoid this is to do as the lawyers recommend and keep your personal things on your personal devices and your work things on you work computer. Sonia Farber, a partner and founder of , acknowledges that may not be feasible for everyone. "But, to the extent that you can keep some separation of church and state, you should make every effort to do that," she said. The Times offers a checklist for "how not to ruin your life (or just die of embarrassment) with a screen share" -- offering common-sense tips like managing desktop notifications and signing out of messaging apps before meetings. (And of course, not leaving open any tell-tale browser tabs.) But have Slashdot's readers seen (or experienced) any screen-sharing disasters in their own lives? Share your stories in the comments. What are the dangers of sharing your screen with co-workers?

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