Hi , Let’s say I want to uninstall a package in centos. I used yum remove command and it shows the package are removed . However, I still see the files are there. So I understand that uninstalling does not remove the package and files together the way we uninstall in windows. Is that correct?
Sorry if my question is too naive, I am a newbie.

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Hi, I’m a super nooob, I have installed the newest ubuntu on a vista platform as the primary ios, its a little sluggish but I found puppy linux. I did a usb boot, I have it on the system and I like it more for my taste. Plus I love the Pup background. How do I keep the puppy as the main ios, instead of ubuntu. Everytime I try to boot on puppy it goes to ubuntu, I have to stick the usb and start all over, what I/m doing wrong? help?

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I have tried to install linux by usb, but the snow leopard ios does not recognize the usb, if you press options during boot you only can see the main Mac drive. I did tried a package method which you put inside the terminal but it still does not recogn…

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First off hello forum, I have not installed Linux so I’m newer than a newbie.

I have come to a dead end with Windows. A recent hard drive failure has forced me to re-think my system. I was very comfortable using Windows 7 but aware of the impending cease for support. Even though I would love to break free from the shackles of Windows I just can’t see a way forward with linux. The biggest issue I have is I use ableton 10 suite (DAW) which is not supported in Linux. Also as far as I can see…

Ableton and Accounting software on Linux

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I’ve “installed” LM19.1 to a 16Gb (2.0) PNY pendrive. Right from outset, the O.S. has major lagging and minor freezing issues. Example. When first opened O.S. and ran updates from “update mngr.” it took 57 mins. to complete 6 updates. When D/l’ed VLC, it took over a half hour and then the install was approx 25 mins. Just ran a few other “updates” (4) this morn and again 24+ mins. I removed Firefox and installed Opera, there was even an “update” to the Opera browser and it’s horrible. When I…

Difficulties w/ LM 19.1 “live” persistence

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In school we have a Internet-Filter called time for Kids. It just Filters the http trafic. But now the technicans at Our school want also to Filter https and Tor. And the moust rouder ports are blocked. So is there another way to have unfiltert Interne…

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Hi, im evaluating the alternatives to router, and replacing it with a very small, but powerfull computer (compared to the CPU of the current router)

My current setup have:
* Application filter against selected devices.
* access controll to selected de…

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I have laptop with Intel HD 4600 (i7 4gen CPU) with 1080p screen. I want to connect my laptop to 1440p external screen by HDMI. By default my laptop see only 2048×1152 resolution.

I made xorg.conf file and modify using “Modeline” option in “Monitor” section and “Modes” option in “Screen” section. After that my laptop screen had 2560×1440 resolution (but of course didn’t work, because laptop have only 1920×1080) but my external screen still have 2048×1152…

Any idea?

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I want to get the unique ID from a nvme hard disk without nvme-cli. The unique ID should not change when partition the nvme again, or change the filesystem’s type.
I’ve thought the “Partition unique GUID” of nvme0n1 or the Linux UUID of nvme0n1p1, but Partition unique GUID will change when re-partion the hard disk, and the LinuxUUID will change when change the file system?
So I think the Serial Number is the ID I want , but I can not get it.
I also find the “Disk identifier…

How to get the serial number of nvme SSD?

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I’m a 15 year old male with Asperger’s Syndrome. I have been interested in computers/tech since I was 5 years old. I have two computers, I joined this forum because I run BunsenLabs Linux on my 10 year old desktop computer. The reason why I decided to put BunsenLabs on this computer is because it is very light-weight on resource usage and is perfect for a 10-year-old computer, BunsenLabs is so good on this computer it almost feels brand new despite being 10 years old.

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I’m running BunsenLabs on my desktop computer, I have a D-LINK DWA-182 USB WiFi adapter and I have the custom GitHub RTL8812AU driver installed for it. The driver works, but the WiFi connection randomly disconnects and I have no idea as to why. I need help with this and I hope someone has a solution, I am thinking of just getting rid of this WiFi adapter entirely and just tethering my phone to my computer because of how annoying this problem is. If someone here could help me with this issue…

My WiFi randomly restarts in BunsenLabs

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I would like to modify this so it notifies me when there is 5 minutes left before it suspends.

echo "This script will suspend computer in 15 minutes if there is no mouse or keyboard activity."
while :; do
if (( $(xprintidle) >= 900000 )…

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Hi everyone, I have problems with this script.
This script should check for a folder for each server in the list of the list.txt file.
The script only checks the first host, and then exits, why?

while read line; do
echo $line
if ssh root@$line “stat /var > /dev/null 2>&1”; then
echo “File exists”
echo “File does not exist”
done < $file

thank you very much for helping

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I understand that Compression Algorithms check for redundant Data in Files and then compress them to save space on the Disk, but man, using Ark to compress my Virtual Machines from VirtualBox is so painfully SLOW!!….. :( I think I’ll go back to playing Need For Speed, while compressing my *BSD and TAILS VMs….. :( Thanks for any answers guys

View attachment 3484

….. :3

Edit: That Geometry infinitum is how I feel right now while compressing….. :(

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Mine was 8 or 9 years ago when Ubuntu 10.10 was still a fresh new release. Back then I was a member of the Bill Gates’ satanic sect. A forum admin suggested that I tried Linux. And I did, starting with Ubuntu 10.10. Tried many different distros but almost all of them had one major problem – showing my main drive (where my music and files are located) as a “Picture CD” and thus I was unable to write on that drive. No possible solutions seemed to help, so I returned to Ubuntu. Sadly, it took…

When was your first touch of Linux?

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Hello everyone,

I don’t think this should be in the forum assistance or forum I put it here.

When seeking help on the forum, providing hardware specifications can be the key to solving problems. With this post I hope to show some basic commands and tools to help everyone do that.

My first program is a newcomer that I saw on LAS (Linux action show,

  • I-Nex. This program is the GNU/Linux equivalent to CPU-Z from Windows. It provides…

Getting hardware information from Linux to help forum staff

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For quite some time I have this problem with all movies and all video players – when the characters of a movie speak, the sound is often so quiet that I can hardly hear what they say and I have to increase the sound volume. But that’s bad because when the action scenes start (shootings, explosions, etc.) the volume suddenly goes up like crazy and I have to turn the volume down, otherwise it can blow my eardrums up.
So, the question is – has anyone found a solution for this?

P.S. The strange…

Making movies sound with equal levels all the time

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I want to be able to view microscopic creatures on my computer screen. I have an ordinary binocular microscope. Is there a way to attach it to my computer? If not, is there a digital microscope that will work with my linux platform? My main interest i…

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Hi All,

Please can someone advise where I’m wrong as my procmail recipe is not working.

I’m trying to do the following:

1. Execute a script and pass the subject as parameter (this part I have not figured out as yet)
2. forward mail

The recipe that I created is as follows:

* ^From.*email@address.address
| $HOME/

Sending the email executes the script and then only forwards the…

Procmail Recipe – Forward mail and execute script

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@wizardfromoz rightly pointed out we were going into an offtopic discussion about Clonezilla, so I decided to start a new topic about Clonezilla only – a general discussion of Clonezilla, sharing problems and personal experience with it.

Clonezilla – topic for discussion and sharing problems

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I am trying to determine if a download is concurring in my download directory.

This is not working.

I also do not understand what lines #1 and #2 are doing.


# Estimates file usage
old=$(du -sh /home/andy/Downloads/)
while true; do
new=$(du -sh /home/andy/Downloads/)
if [ ‘$old -eq $new’ ] ;
1. old=$new
2. xdotool getactivewindow key Ctrl
sleep 5

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I tried installing Linux on just a single drive only… And after doing so, Linux(Zorin) Is overwiting my BIOS boot order. I want to be able to press F9 and boot straight off on the HDD instead of LINUX installing GRUB.Console and adding bootloader… Is there anyway to bypass this? I want to be able to swap HDD’s to Windows and Linux..

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If you’ve ever tried to use a while-loop like this, you’ve experienced some frustration.

cat db | while read index color; do
    test "$index" = 2  &&  RESULT="$color"
echo "Index 2 is \"$RESULT\""

Where I’m using this file named db:

1  red
2  green
3  blue

When you run it, you get this result:

Index 2 is ""

The problem is that since I’m piping into the while loop, it’s run in a subprocess so changes to variables don’t…

A new twist on while-loops

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Hi, I can’t install any linux distribiution on my 2008 macbook pro 4.1 with geforce 8600M.
I use rEFInd as a boot manager and I manage tu run deepin live but when I tried install it I get some errors.
Does anybody know how to sort it

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So basically, I shrank my Windows partition to try and expand the Ubuntu partition. However, in spite of my Ubuntu partition not being mounted, it just won’t let me give it any of the unallocated space. It clearly says it is unmounted (I launched GParted from an Ubuntu LiveUSB), it will let me shrink it, but not expand it. It is just as though the unallocated space didn’t exist and the maximum size of the partition was fixed.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

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is there a way to download packages on one computer, save them on usb stick and install in the same version of os (ubuntu) at another offline computer?
keryx cant be installed on my system; can i copy var…archives directory on a usb stick?

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This morning the Deluge and the Telegram icons that normally sit in the tray disappeared. Meaning that there’s only an empty space where icon should be.
Some time ago I read something about that with a possible fix but I can’t remember where I found it. At the time I had never encountered this problem, so I figured I didn’t need it. But now I do.
So, does anyone know anything about a fix? I tried replacing the original icons with my own and they work fine everywhere, except for those in tray…

Disappearing icons from tray

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When I entered the forum a few minutes ago I noticed a poll where I can finally vote (preffered distro) and voted for “Mint” which made the votes for Mint to be 4. Then I clicked on a topic in order to reply and while I was writing my post I noticed the poll doesn’t show my vote. So I voted for Mint again, the votes for Mint became 4 again, posted my reply and went back to the forum index. The poll was reset again and my vote was gone.
Here’s a video with the problem:…

Poll doesn’t remember my vote

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This is a simple instruction for newbies about how to fix problem with the sound on Linux, like missing sound from any application, weird static noise from the speakers, or even noise from the microphone when the environment around it is perfectly quiet. I’ve done this in Mint but as far as I know it should work with all distros.

1. Open terminal.
2. Type

pulseaudio -k

and press enter. This will kill the audio service and the icon from the bottom right corner will disappear….

How to easily fix problems with the sound for newbies

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im kinduva not-that-new noobie but ive tried to run several different versions of linux on various different machines & inevitably either one of two things will happen: either it doesnt even install at all or if it does then it wont run…


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Does anyone have an opinion or any advice regarding the location of Grub on the hard drive?

I ask this because I recently used the Boot-Repair-Disk from over at Sourceforge ( ) to re-install my Grub …

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Hi Everyone,

I have written a script using shell and uemcli(Unity/EMC), which executes fine from backend. But, when I execute the same script using php i.e frontend, it fails.

Below is the code:

shell script code-

uemcli -d -u test -p test@123 /env/sp show
uemcli -d -u test -p test@123 /env/disk show

These are the commands that works fine in black screen. But it doesn’t execute when called using php. There is no error being shown in apache error logs or in…

Shell script fails when executed via php

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Im currentlly working on how to protect the rm/chown/chmod commands from ruin servers.
Im writing C code the will exec the original binary on my conditions.
One problem i have that i cant catch the * wildcard and the catches paths like :

rm -rf ../../…

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I rarely use Windows in the last 10 years, but I needed a new laptop and the options were limited. I found one i liked, decent specs
Win Home 10 64 bit (would prefer Pro w/ rem desktop)
T8750 I7 8th gen 6 core
256GB SSD M.2/NVME slot
1050Ti 4GB DDR5
15.6″ IPS 1920×1080,
backlight keyboard
2yr COMPLETE warranty w/ purchase on credit card
& Lots more all for under $800 shipped) – so I thought that seemed good, especially after spec’ing out a Dell, Lenovo or HP and…

Running Linux on an Win 10 MSI gaming laptop

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I’ve spent over 10 hours trying to get this to work and have had to come here to try to find answers. Sorry for the lang post, but I’m at my wit’s end!

I have been having a terrible time with my system going corrupt every 2-4 months. It was rock solid for 4+ years then it just started freezing up and then it would never be able to load into Linux (Kubuntu 14.04 was 4+ years then Kubuntu 16.04 since – with installed/running times of 2.4 months, 2 months and 1 month before an unrecoverable…

Combining user & password data from 3 browsers -possible?

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I have json file which is placed into Linux server. I want to delete particular object from second position onward.
1. Root element keep it and same object which is repeated in json file has to be removed.
2. how to append box brackets in json data

Note: We don’t have access to install JP in Linux sever we have to achieve this via sed or awk or any Linux shell commands.

i tired sed and awk command but no luck

sed ‘/”audit”/,/}/ d; /^$/d’ sample_request.json >> test.json — This…

How to remove object in json file via linux command

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Hello everyone. My name is Zaki Si-Lounis and I have been messing with linux for a while now.
it all started a few years ago when I was sick up with windows being horrible. I did a bit of research and came across Linux Mint. After doing a bit of resea…

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Call me blind, but I didn’t realise this was a thing. I’ve noticed now and here’s my intro.

From Scotland, and in my 20s. The profiles I’ve clicked on so far all say they’re 50+ in age, so that makes me feel young.

Currently switching to Linux Mint MATE from Windows 10. I think we all know how bad Win10 is, but I’ll give an overview of my experience:

  • Loved Windows 7, had it on my old desktop. When I built this desktop a few years ago (my first own build btw) I decided to buy a…

Belated Introduction

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Greetings, everyone.

I am new to, in its current incarnation, and just wanted to introduce myself.

I have been using GNU/Linux for just under two decades, and Debian has been my distribution of choice for the past 15 years, but I am no &quo…

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I’m currently on WIndows 10, trying to install Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS from a flash drive. I went through all the tutorial steps, the problem arrives when I try to boot it. After I press F12 to choose which device to boot from, the mouse works fine. But once I boot from the flash drive and I get to the screen asking me how I’d like to set up Linux, my mouse and keyboard’s lights go off and are non responsive. Other USB ports yield the same result. Also this somehow messed with the time settings…

New Linux install unaccessable

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HI, I’m oding a java program to do some stuff with some JPG images. I want to add an option to preview one of those JPG images, and I can easily do this by sending a bash command from Java, wich is “xdg-open filename”. But I also want to close that new window, and I don’t know how. Xkill is not an option because I need to close it automatically. I can work with bash,Java and C.

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I have a book called the “Linux Bible” but it’s IMO too advanced for someone probably looking for a support role. I want to know enough Linux to be good with the basics for a position outside of Admin which I would guess requires the most knowledge.

I’m looking for any free ebooks you recommend or I’ll cough up a few bucks to get something on Amazon.

I’ll guessing alot of SSH, and moving files around and running commands. I don’t know, I’m new and willing to get my hands dirty.

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what version of linux is compatible with a 15 y old laptop? if i take the oldest possible version, would i be able to have the minimum basic functionality? i need web browser with player to be able to watch videos, pdf reader, office, sometimes photosh…

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Syntax error near unexpected token `(‘
I would like to create a bash script that can detect any mouse movement and then execute a command.
/home/andy/bin/ line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘
/home/andy/bin/ line 4: `fh = file(‘/dev/input/mice’)’

fh = file(‘/dev/input/mice’)
while True:
print ‘Mouse moved!’

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I have recently installed fedora onto my computer. I’ve been trying to switch back to windows but I am not sure how. I’ve heard that you can switch to windows through GRUB but I didn’t see any options for it. I then downloaded grub customize to add a configuration for windows. Am i on the right track or am i missing something.

Thank You

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Hello there,

I am certainly not a Linux expert. I created a program and run it under Oracle environment to copy a file to a new folder with a new name. When the files are copied the file names always have a ‘?’ at the end, like filename?, not just filename.

Any idea why and how I can get rid of the ‘?’ at the end?


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I’ve been visiting for a while now but never introduced myself. I figured I probably aught to do that. My name is Carl, 52. I live in Chicago now, but I’ve lived in MI, FL, OK and TX, US. Career-wise most of it was Windows Server support. I”m not doing Linux server deployment engineering.
I’ve been with my second wife for the past 19 years. I have 2 grown kids and 2 highschoolers. The 2 grown kids have kids each, same sex as parent, so my Son had 3 boys (one more in the…

Figured I probably aught to do this

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It is about “sequential” files of Linux kernel. IMHO In this article, I’ve fixed several issues around this topic. It is on
I’m not sure that this forum and this thread is a proper place for such an announcement. However it is my first article in English, and I don’t know much about proper publishing. Therefore, if someone can help me with some tips I would be very grateful.

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I am wondering if anyone has an idea how much it would cost to sponsor to develop an operating to compete with Android. I am old enough to remember Unix and MS-DOS 3.0, and only a month ago got my first smartphone, which I am ready to return…

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I’m trying to run a thermal printer(jp qr 701) using cups.
I have set the specified baudrate yet my printer keeps spuwing out junk symbols.
(The printer is fully operational since it works fine with arduino)
Could anyone please help me with this?

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In the world full of fake or bad news – here is an update from smoky Houston.
The chemical fire is out , thanks to help from Alabama,
No lasting or immediate casualties, but it was UGLY!

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see…

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I’m very new to using CLI and bash scripts (and programming in general) so excuse me if this is bare bones.

Basically the problem I’m having is I have a bash script which needs to make a new directory named as a concatenation of the names of two files that have been passed to the script. I need this to be done using dynamic variables, ‘$1’ and ‘$2’ etc etc..

Something like this:


bash one.txt two.txt


mkdir ‘concat_<I don’t…

Mkdir dynamic variable Help

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I’m trying to configure my printer bizhub C224e to work with CUPS while Account Track is enabled.

1) I’ve added the printer to CUPS via IPP connection, used the official PPD files provided by the manufacturer
2) The issue is with the printer’s Account Track feature – I need to send my credentials (PIN) with the print jobs, but I have no idea how to configure CUPS to do it.
3) Currently the printer accepts my print jobs, but they end up canceled, because the credentials are not passed…

Konica Minolta bizhub C224e, CUPS, Account Track, IPP configuration

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I’ve been an avid Mint user for at least the past 3 years, and still love the distro and would still definitely recommend it to new users. Or to anyone I suppose. But having been running Fedora 27 one one of my laptops and on a laptop at work in a VM, I am ready to make the switch to it on my primary machine.

I created a text file with a command to install a dozen or so programs I want on any fresh install. I’d like to turn it into a script so that’s the next thing I need to learn.

So far…

Making a Switch

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Just installed kali and everytime I login with root and password I just get given a blank screen with soke messed up graphics in the top left corner.

I’ve looked around and it seems to be my graphics drivers and I’ve tried recommendations however still couldn’t get a fix.

Any help is hugely appreciated.

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Hello All,

I have set up apache with per user web directories for a class to test web pages. PHP is enabled for the per users. I have mariadb running on the box too and a few of my students have asked if they can have access to a database to play aro…

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Hello. I’m new to the Linux world. I’m coming from Windows and my primary need is gaming. But my biggest issue is that I can’t stop distrohopping. I’ve tried a bunch of distros but can’t decide which one to settle with. Can you help me?

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Hi guys,

Can someone please explain to me why the mouse only functions with X?

I’ve got a project that converts USB mouse data into serial data (Phase quadrature) and it works perfectly unless no screen is attached. I’m assuming this is because X only runs with a screen attached?


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